Eagle's Court - The Vintage

Eagle’s Court – The Vintage will have cutting-edge smart¬† tech features i.e a smart home, it is outfitted with network-connected systems, appliances and equipment that can be controlled remotely and automated.

The technology is getting so good, soon there will be few aspects of a home that can not be enhanced with smart tech features. Some of the top smart tech features in the luxury estate include:

Internet-connected security cameras you can view online

Lights that can be set on a timer or respond to activity in a room

Motion sensor lighting

Curtains that close and open at sunrise or sunset

Our Offers

The Vintage is a 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex which can be modified to suit your taste and style.

It is 5 unit in a Block of Terrace.

The Estate has 5 Blocks sitting on a 1 Hectare land size.

It goes for N 7Million per unit.

The are 10 units available in the first phase for off taker/ off the plan purchaser

There are 2 payment options you can choice from:

Make a 1.5 million initial deposit and pay 500k over 11 months or

  • Pay 600k monthly over 12 months.

At the end of the 12 months you are a Landlord; we would deliver your keys


The Estate is in the centenary neighborhood. It’s a well secured area as it’s a minute drive from the 176 guards battalion military checkpoint, Kuchiako, Kuje. Abuja